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    1. Principle: the Circle

    1. Tai Yang 1 of 4

    2. Tai Yang 2 of 4

    3. Tai Yang 3 of 4

    4. Tai Yang 4 of 4

    1. Shao Yang 1 of 2

    2. Shao Yang 2 of 2

    1. Yang Ming 1 of 2

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    1. Jue Yin 1 of 2

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About this course

  • £225.00
  • 5.5 hours of video content
  • 10 Key Formulas, 40 Formulas in total
  • On-Demand

Learning Objectives

Develop* practical knowledge of Chinese herbal application by learning about some of the key formulas of the Shang Han Za Bin Lun, the main Chinese herbal medicine classic. Understand Zhang Zhong Jing’s methods and formulas architecture in the context of One Circle of the three Yin and three Yang, also known as the Six Conformations (Liu Jing). As a result, make the classic more accessible and improve your skills of formula design and modifications. *Prior knowledge of/qualification in Chinese herbal medicine is expected.

  • Understand Zhang Zhong Jing's formulas architecture and methods

  • Get introduced to the Shang Han Lun physiology and pathology

  • Develop your understanding of individual herbs and herb combinations

  • Improve your skills of formula design and modification

  • Make the Zhang Zhong Jing's Classic more accessible for continuous study